Our company offers you the following services

Over the years, we have solved many design puzzles and electrical services. This is the core of our business. Our certified electrical engineers stay informed on top of the latest developments in the relative field through active participation in a various events. We use our knowledge, research and community involvment to create environments that are highly functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Constraction and reconstruction of power substations.
  2. Construction of power transmission lines.
  3. Temporary electrical installation for constraction and demolition sites.
  4. High and low- voltage air and underground cables installation.
  5. High and low voltage iron pylons installation.
  6. Constraction and reconstruction of transformer power stations.
  1. Construction and reconstruction of electrical distribution stations.
  2. Design works.
  3. Electrical equipment installation works.
  4. Lighting of roads, parks, bulding’s facade.
  5. Internal and external electrical wiring of buildings and non-living spaces.
  6. Control device installation.
  7. Grounding.