The main goal of all types of electrical installation work is occupational health and safety of the company employees, prevent accidents and incidents, to create normal working conditions, to ensure that it, as well as reduce the negative impact on the environment. Main directions on management, safety and environmental management:

Technical safety is a drawing up a management system and implement and support it, to increase productivity of safety management activities in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management standards;

– The Company Electrical installation work directly connected to the implementation of the health and safety of employees and sub-contractors to ensure safety of the organization, in accordance with current legislation and practices, to take all necessary measures to create a safe working environment;

– To be complied with the legislative, regulatory and other requirements on health and safety and environmental management standards;

– To prevent injuries and health deterioration, improve performance HSE system and other performances on a regular basis in its area, prevent pollution and other negative impacts on the environment as well as implementation of measures to improve environmental


– Prevent potential incidents and emergency situations, reduce risks associated with the employees’ activities as well as significantly reduce negative environmental aspects;

– All the company employees, regardless of their occupation, to follow all existing standards, regulatory and legislative requirements, support and implementation of company policy for safety and environmental management;

– For the implementation of its Policy, IMA Energy Company is committed to ensure all necessary resources and tools and to deliver its Policy to each employee.

“IMA Energy” LLC Director : Intigam Aliyev


The most important activity of the enterprise is to ensure a high professional level of production accordance with the requirements and expectations of the consumers and services. The main criteria of quality:

– In accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 development, implementation and increasing its- “Quality Management System” efficiency with maintaining in effective state.

– Using modern technology high quality and timely implementation of wiring and repair work and be satisfied by customers.

– To improve methods of forming of production and planning. – To increase the professional level of staff.

– Rational use of resources in the implementation of quality services and effective development.

– To comply with the requirements of the standards in the delivery of products and services.

– To develop long-term and profitable relationships with consumers. Management of “IMA Energy” LLC has a responsibility to provide necessary resources and be informed of each employee in order to implement Quality Policy.

“IMA Energy” LLC Director : Intigam Aliyev