About Us

IMA Energy CJSC was founded in 2006 with the mission of bringing a new level of professionalism to the electrical design industry. With a team of fully qualified personnel, we are committed to ensuring that the customer’s needs are completely met at all times. Our engineers are fully trained, with all installation work carried out in compliance with thorough risk assessments, in accordance with relevant health and safety legislation. IMA Energy has operated servicing both large and medium projects in several industrial applications. Ever since its inception, IMA Energy CJSC has significantly grown and established a reputation as a leading contracting company in Azerbaijan backed by a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals. IMA Energy has been experiencing substantial growth over the last years where new prestigious projects along with an objective for excellence are driving IMA Energy towards success.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop long-term relationship with customers by delivering the services they demand, adhere to professional and ethical behaviour, defining problems and providing solutions in every stage of the cooperation, developing an offer, keep customers satisfied and understanding their needs in depth. Two main approaches are crucial in our mission:

  1.  To safely deliver world class quality electrical projects and infrastructure projects on time and promoting environmental protection and sustainable communities development.
  2.  To provide integrated design and engineering consulting services in general contracting, through our value system – People, Innovation and Passion – while promoting environmental protection and sustainable communities’ development.

CEO’s Message

I would like to take this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to all our clients and business partners for their continued support and contributions to the success of IMA Energy CJSC through the years. We, at IMA Energy, will certainly continue to do what we do best; to ensure the high level of excellence and quality in our electrical projects and in the delivery of value-added maintenance services.

Moving into the next decade, IMA Energy CJSC likewise promises to maintain the core advantages that have distinguished our company as one of the leaders in the Electrical Engineering services sector: from the best-trained project management teams, world-class expertise, the most updated technology, and a thoroughly developed long-term strategy.

IMA Energy’s award for several projects funded within the framework of the Asian Development Bank gives us even greater motivation and inspiration to look forward to more exciting possibilities in the future. Building on the vast knowledge and experience, which we gained from our big experience in Baku, we are therefore determined to successfully meet the new project demands and to uphold the company’s core business values of integrity, quality, safety and on-time delivery of projects. Moreover, I would also like to emphasize that IMA Energy will continue to invest in enhancing the level of Project Management, Design, Engineering, Procurement and maintain the high level of satisfaction of our clients, who we value as the most important assets of our company. IMA Energy firmly believes in talent retention, which is achieved through cross-functional  alignments in key talent base, training, and development programs, that will ensure workplace moral and help the employees in acquiring new skills while improving productivity.

I am grateful for the support of all our Employees, Clients, Consultants and Suppliers who are our pillars and foundation through which we continue our pursuit to achieve our aspiration to be one of the most successful and highly reputed Electrical Contractor in Baku delivering projects within stipulated time and cost without compromising on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment.

Yours sincerely,

Intigam Aliyev